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Additional Options

  • 8 hours of videography

  • 1 Filmmaker

  • 4-7 minute highlight film

  • Full documentary edit of the wedding ceremony

  • Full documentary edit of the reception toasts

  • Highlight film in 4k resolution (3840x1634)

  • 2x :30-:60 second social media edit

  • Multi cam coverage of all events

  • Aerial drone footage (if legally available)

  • Custom music licensing

  • Color treatment and sound mixing

  • Online hosting of highlight film

  • All raw footage

  • USB drive including all films and raw footage


Additional hours (per filmmaker)
Extended highlight (7-10 minutes)
Extended highlight (10-15 minutes)
Additional feature film (10-15 minutes)
Individual edited events
+$75 each

Social Media Edit :60
Social Media Edit :30
All travel fees are included in the packages above.


Our highlight films are beautiful, but they really shine when you can sit back and let the story unfold; hit the lights and turn the volume up.

Social media edits are perfectly cut for Instagram and Facebook users on mobile. We'll pull the best moments from your day and create a beautiful vignette to showcase to your friends and family


:60 edits are only $175

:30 edits are only $125

add a second option to have your edit in vertical resolution for only $50


Capture your engagement and tell your friends with beautiful :60 edit for social media.


Includes 2 hours of filming with one videographer at a location of your choice within a 2 hour radius of Los Angeles


Extend that radius to 5 hours for only $150

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