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What's included:

  • Up to 8 hours of videography

  • 1 Filmmaker

  • Multi cam coverage of all events

  • Aerial drone footage 
    (if permissible by venue or local ordinance)

  • Custom music licensing

  • Professional color treatment and sound mixing

  • Online hosting of your highlight film

  • Film gallery mailed to you via USB drive

  • All films in 4k resolution (3840x1634)

  • Delivery within 12-16 weeks

Your Film Gallery:

  • 4-7 minute highlight film

  • Documentary edit of the wedding ceremony

  • Documentary edit of the reception toasts

  • :30-:60 second trailer film

  • Film gallery of events from your ceremony and reception


Additional Items:

Additional hours (per filmmaker)
Additional filmmaker

Extended highlight (7-10 minutes)
Additional social Media Edit :60
Additional social Media Edit :30
Expedited delivery (4-8 weeks)

Monroe Films has traveled across the globe capturing weddings of all cultures and styles. From the French countryside to Tuscany, Hawaii to Mexico, and all across the United States. Every new location is an inspiration.  While we strive to showcase the authenticity and personality in every detail and moment, it is every emotion woven into your story that sets our films apart.

For weddings anywhere within the United States.
Please inquire for an alternate price sheet for international weddings.
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