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Ethan M Sigmon, owner of Monroe Film

Photo credit: humanartwork

Ethan Monroe

Filmmaker. Photographer. Storyteller.

     My films thrive on one key element: relationships. My relationship with my clients, your relationships with your friends, your family and each other.  To capture any event, it takes a unique approach to build strong relationships with your vendors: your photographer, your planners, your florists. I work closely with everyone involved in your day to be a dependable craftsman and to capture the most beautiful moments within.

​     With every wedding film, I want to make you laugh, cry, and smile every time you watch any film of ours. I believe that your wedding is one of the most important days of your lives, and I strive to represent that in each and every film. It's something that I remind myself of at the start of every wedding. Passion, craft, and creativity are the ingredients that will make your wedding video the best wedding film you could ever see.


     I have spent many years of my life cultivating this craft to tell your story. In film school, I learned how to film weddings from some of the leading industry filmmakers on the east coast. Shortly after, I moved to Los Angeles to further my career in the film and television industry. I combined the industry filmmaking knowledge I had gained in school with the wedding filmmaking craft I had developed and formed my wedding film company here in Los Angeles. I felt perfectly at home, and was able to use my industry approach to filming and editing to make films that stand out from the crowd.

     My films are precise and story driven, weaving candid moments through artful intention. That means being present throughout the day, knowing when to step in, and of course when to step back, letting the magic unfold. I’ve been making films professionally for over a decade, and I’m proud to have attended hundreds of events, from grand receptions with performing artists like Maroon 5, to intimate family gatherings on an island in Hawai’i. No wedding or event is too big or too small.

     When I'm not filming weddings, I photograph and film commercial, documentary, and narrative projects at

Banksy, the mascot pup of Monroe Films
Ethan Sigmon and Banksy, the mascot pup of Monroe Films
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